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I'm in love with Gingerbread Construction Company's muffins!

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Woo- these people know their muffins. I had a gingerbread muffin today that was out of this world. First off, the texture was absolutely perfect- soft, springy and a bit crunchy on the top's edges. The flavor was subtle, not too sweet. And the icing on the cake, literally, was the cream cheese frosting that was sandwiched inside (they cut the top off, frost it and then stick the top back on.)

And the best part is the price- only $1.25 per muffin!

I went to the one on Washington Street in Winchester. With somethign like 20 muffin varieties, I could spend a while exploring the muffin menu!

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  1. I've been to the one in Wakefield dozens of times, but can't seem to order anything but the gingerbread muffins.

    I could go for one right now.

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      I also love the Gingerbread but let me suggest the chocolate dream and the strawberry shortcake {not sure if it is seasonal}, my wife loves the lemon poppy ! when they had the Lexington store my drive for these treats was 30 miles, now it is longer

      Link: http://www.gingerbreadusa.com/

      1. re: Mark Rifkin

        Mark is right on the Chocolate Dream and Strawberry Shortcake. I had unexpected company one afternoon, sent the spouse there for the strawberry and put additional fresh macerated strawberries over itw/fresh whipped cream and served it as a desert after BBQ. THEY FREAKED OVER DESERT! Lexington closed as 3 stores was too much for the owner...which to me is a good sign of his "control on quality conrol". If he owned that builidng though, I don't think it was hard to turn down the "dough" from Dunks who took it over. Tooo bad, it was right on the excellent bike path over there. Great spot. PS: When I get muffs, I get 6 and cut them 1/2. THat way I get to try 1/2 of everything...and I mean EVERYTHING!

    2. What are the Locations in and around Boston? I'd like to try these muffins!

      Link: http://www.kennethconner.com

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        I know of the one in Winchester, on Washington Street, not too far from 93, and one in Wakefield, on the north end of the lake, not too far from 95. Not sure if there are others.

        Superpages would probably give you better info.

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          those are the only two, there used to be one in lexington as well, but has since closed... I want a warm muffin right now! YUMMMMMMM

      2. If you love their muffins you have to try their cookies. I use to buy a dozen and hide them from my family because they were too good to share!

        1. They are the best around. I love, love, love the gingerbread muffins. I'll pick up a dozen on my way to work, and the smell of them in the car for the next 30 minutes is torture! I keep wanting to try the others, but gingerbread always wins out.

          1. Well...so far no one has claimed my favorite -- the Boston Cream pie ones! At that point, one has abandoned all pretense of eating a "muffin" and you're just eating dessert at 7am or so.


            1. OK, These gingerbread muffins are the best I've ever had...they have pumpkin in them.
              I'm the type of person who wants to find out how to make them at home. Anybody know the recipe?

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              1. I love their muffins and their attitude! For a couple of years now, the Ultimate Perk coffee shop in Andover carries all their muffins and will take orders for specialty items like the sweet gingerbread people!!! I no longer travel to Winchester to get these treats...a little too conevnient :)

                Ultimate Perk
                96 Main St, Andover, MA 01810

                1. They are good. The carrotcake muffin with cream cheese frosting is good. ALso love that they sell the broken gingerbread boys and girls for next to nothing. The one is Wakefield is not too far from where i work- we indulge every now and then!

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                    I do like their muffins, but we recently purchased one of their coffeecakes and it was a disappointment especially for the price. Was very dry and had not a great taste. Live and learn, I will stick to the muffins although we don't get there too often.

                  2. Zombie thread, but thought I'd plug The Danish Pastry House in Medford for really good muffins.

                    Danish Pastry House
                    330 Boston Ave, Medford, MA

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                    1. re: Chef Bwana

                      My latest muffin cravings are being filled by Bohemian Coffeehouse and Coffee Tea and Me in Melrose, although that's not often, as muffins and my diet don't mix well!

                      Bohemian Coffeehouse
                      132 West Emerson St, Melrose, MA

                      Coffee Tea and Me
                      421 Main St, Melrose, MA 02176