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Dec 10, 2002 04:37 PM

Homsy's Closed!

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It is with a heavy heart that I announce what it took me 1/2 of battling Rt.1 traffic today to discover....HOMSY'S IS CLOSED!!!!! Dark and empty, with closed signs on it...

Seems the move to a much bigger space last year did them in, way too overextended for the business. There's nowhere close for spices, where you can go and see and touch and SMELL, because everything was in bulk, from huge jars, so you could let your nose compare the different blends, and buy as little or as much as you needed...

Sure, there are the Watertown stores, but they just stock the Armenian spice necesssities...The Indian groceries just do Indian, and they're pre-packaged....There's Polcari's, but their selection isn't even close to what Homsy's was; Indian, Middle-eastern, Southwestern, Cajun, spice blends,toppings for pita, spice boils---they usually had things I didn't know existed...

I'm bummed. Yeah, I know there's Penzy's, but going to Homsy's was an event...Is there anything in the area I don't know about, that sells such a huge selection by measure?

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  1. I've acually been fairly happy with the bulk spices at Wild Oats, also the Co-op. Not in Homsy's league, but better than packaged.

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      If your travels take you to Wooster, Ed Hyders market has the bulk spices a la Homsy's and Cardoos. I remember the original Homsy's in Dedham, and my nose still longs for the smell of bulk Zaatar, thyme, duka and all the wonderful scents of my youth. Also try Near East bakery on Washington St. at the Dedham line. They were or are affilliated with Homsy's, although more middle eastern than continental as Homsy's was.

    2. This is indeed sad news. Living in the southwestern vicinity of I-495, I find few resources in this area for the serious home cook. Homsy's was only half-an-hour away and carried, in addition to their incredible selection of spices, a wonderful variety of vinegars and olive oils, as well as other interesting condiments. I am disconsolate.

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        Plus, the big bag of store-baked pita chips made the drive home MUCH shorter....