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Nov 22, 2002 02:40 PM

Comella's, No "Mess", "No Mas"

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A very sad thing occurred to Comella's in West Newton. Several years ago, they concocted a dish called "Mess" which appeared to be leftover lasagna, stuffed shells and eggplant parmigiana all mushed together with more cheese melted on top. It was excellent and earned them well deserved raves from the Boston Globe. I returned yesterday after several years away and found that they now have approx. 30 variations of "Mess". I proceeded to order 3 dishes, Lasagna with "mess", Chicken Parm. with "mess" and "Papas Mess" (Mess with meatball). I brought the food home and when I opened each meal much to my chagrin, I found that sadly the aforementioned "Mess" had evolved from lasagna, eggplant parm and stuffed shells to Ziti with sauce, a couple of very small slivers of eggplant (not eggplant parm) and cheese melted on top. I was so saddened by this turn of events that I called Comella's to voice my dissapointment. When I did, the woman on the phone merely said that she "...was sorry that I felt this way..." I chose not to inform her that this was not a feeling or an emotion but a fact that ziti with sauce is not and never will be "MESS"!! Shame on you Comella's!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear your comments. I saw this restaurant reviewed by the Phantom Gourmet; he thought it was wonderful and I definitely wanted to try it sometime. Now, I'm having second thoughts about going there. Thank you for the info.

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      Since that person's comment was from more than 4 years ago, it might have little to do with any recent Phantom review.

    2. Has anyone been to Comella's recently, who can give a more recent review? Thanks in advance.

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        I was there New Years Day, after a movie next door. It was my last blast before going back on Weight Watchers. I got the veal parm with eggplant parm, but my daughter got "grandpa's mess", and we saw other folks getting mess as their side on the dinner plates. My daughter's "mess" was the leftover lasagna, eggplant, etc, etc. with meatballs and sausage. It was also possible to order the dinners with a side of ziti, and I'm wondering if that's what might have occurred to the original poster. Maybe the order was incorrectly filled, and the person who answered the phone at Comella's didn't want to "fess up." The folks who work in the front of the shop are mostly youngish (high school?)kids.
        I'd definitely give the place another shot. All our food was yummy.

      2. I went a number of times, but about a year ago or longer. The mess was indeed the mess I've come to know and love. I heard they are opening a new location in West Roxbury? Anyone know if it is open yet?

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        1. Looks like it will open late January or February.

          I heard it will be in the old Yankee Copy at 1844 Centre Street

          1. My family absolutely loves Comella's "mess". I think we get "Pa's Mess" most often. It's the one with the meatballs. I'm not sure if it has eggplant or not, but it's full of different types of pasta and lots of meat and cheese.

            Their fusilli is really good too. It's homemade.