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Nov 20, 2002 11:56 AM


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please help...anyone know where I can get a turducken in the Boston area for Thanksgiving?????

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  1. Gosh I can't imagine where you could find one assembled and ready for the oven... I'll be interested to see if you can. Even tempted to run out and get one myself!

    You might consider asking on the Southern board. I bet you could order one and have it fed-exed. I have a pal who's a chef in New Orleans who prepares one every Thanksgiving. If you're feeling ambitious and would like the recipe I'm sure he'd be glad to pass it along.

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      Those of us who have been in your shoes and live outside Louisiana or other places like Pensacola with large cajun populations have our turduckens shipped frozen from one of the cajun butchers down thataway.

      We've gotten two turduckens from an outfit called Gourmet Butcher Block, 420 Realty Drive, Gretna, La. (just across the river from New Orleans, in a nondescript shopping center). Phone: 504.392.5700. (They also have a location across the causeway in Mandeville.)

      They offer a wide range of stuffed meat products. If celebrity endorsements matter to anyone, these are the same folks who used to prepare John Madden's 8-legged turkey. Madden gives them a nice mention in his tailgate cookbook. And you know John Madden likes to eat!

      For wine with your turducken, try a spicy Gewurtz or Viognier in the whites, or a hearty Zin for a red.

      Finally, I have heard stories of a South African variation called an osturducken, which is a turducken stuffed inside an ostrich. Can anyone confirm or deny? Ostrich meat is damn good, and this would certainly turn a show-stopper into a veritable mind-blower.

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        Today's NY Times has an article by Amanda Hesser that goes into a good bit of detail on the history of turduckens, where to buy them, her experience in making one herself, etc.

        It even relates how John Madden came to be such a big turducken fan.


    2. is a beautiful thing. Use the link below for jsut one of the suppliers I came up with. Otherwise, go to, type in turducken and mail order.


      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I looked into buying one from New Orleans, and I don't mind paying the price one bit (around $70), but the shipping costs were just about equal to the turducken!
          That's where I drew the line.
          I did notice Roche Bros. advertised them for $6.99 a pound, but I have no idea as to quality.

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            I've seen some butcher shops make them to order, as far as Roche Bros., com'on it's pretty basic stuff and if it's urgent, just get it.

        2. day late, but you can get them from mayflower poultry in cambridge.

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          1. Too late for Thanksgiving, but I heard Savenor's had them this year.

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              They've still got a couple as of today.