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Nov 16, 2002 10:20 PM

places in Peabody?

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My family and I are new to Peabody and haven't been able to find much in the way of good eats. There seems to be more chain-style establishments. Any dining suggestions outside the scope of chain restaurants? Also, anyone have any suggestions for great breakfast spots? We only know of IHOP, which I'm not a big fan of.

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  1. My favorite dive (and its not THAT divey) is Brody's Pub right in Peabody square.
    Have been going there for years. Great steak tips and greek salads. Fast friendly service and they keep the beers comin' We go all the time.

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      If you are looking for something quick, Land and Sea on Lynnfield Street in So. Peabody has good roast beef sandwiches, fries, onion rings and most of their fried seafood is also quite good.

    2. The Wardhurst on Lynnfield St has been around for years. Known for shish kebab...also have nightly specials, steak, fish, etc.

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        I second that emotion.

        Depending on your sensibilities, the Wardhurst might seem divey or else quite romantic and cozy. Terrific grilled foods, especially shish kebab. I have never had anything less than a great meal there (although that was years ago).

        Pronounced "Wadhurst." Any arguments?

      2. We just tried the Courthouse Pub in Peabody Square last weekend. They're under new owners, excellent county-style ribs and tips, schrimp scampi pizza was awesome, and they have the best breadsticks. Beware, if you sit close to the bar area, it can be kind of smokey.

        Also Belinnos from Wakefield just opened up in the Square. It's located where Piece O Pizza used to be. Haven't tried the Peabody one yet but the Wakefield spot is always good.

        1. I had a good suburban Chinese meal at Su Chang's on Lowell Street (link below).

          While you are in that neck of the woods, pick up some cider from Brooksby Farm, some of the best around IMO. It's up behind North Shore mall on Felton Sreet.

          For breakfast, I like the diner on Rte. 1 N (Bel-Aire, I think). Nothing fancy, just good greasy spoon fare.

          O'Fado is great Portugese food, althought not sure how much longer it will be around (do a search of this board for O'Fado- galleygirl has written some great reviews.) Fire Bull is a Brazilian rodizio not far from the square, although I've never been I've heard good things.

          And you're not far from the best ice cream around, Richardson's on Rte. 114 in Middleton (west of the intersection of 114 and Rte. 1). Super-premium ice cream of the gods. And cows for the kids.

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          1. The Seawitch on Rt 1 north just before Lowell St. Pretty good seafood without having to go to clam mecca.

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              I never cared for the clams at Seawitch, but the occasional smelts special is nice.

              I miss the clams at Vic's Drive-In, which became the Sylvain Street Grill. Just not the same. (Same kitchen, though!)

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                Correction: "Grille"


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                  I gottah go with Chuck S on the Seawitch, esp. the lobster dinners..Steamers are usually great when they have them, as well as the fried oysters.