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Nov 15, 2002 01:49 AM

open all night boston food?

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hey i live in new york but will be going with some friends to Boston on Dec 2 to see Guns and Roses play at the Fleet Center. Can any of you recommend some good food(preferably meaty type stuff, and donuts/pastry!!) to eat late at night maybe around midnight in Boston? I want to eat whatever you people think is the best stuff in Boston, id really rather not just end up at some mcdonalds when i can have that crap anywhere. Ive never been there but i figure because im a fan of guns and roses and food i might as well make it a double happiness night!! thanks

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  1. Bova's bakery in the North End is open 24 hours and is only a short walk from the Fleet Center. They have all kinds of Italian pastries, fresh baked bread and pizza and calzones. I don't know the address so you may want to do a search.

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        There used to be a diner near the theater district that was opened all night. Is it still there?

        1. re: mae

          The only diner I know of that's near there (or anywhere in Boston for that matter) is South St. Diner. The old Blue Diner is now "The News" and will open Monday. It's not 24 hours yet but will be open late.

      2. re: Maura

        Bova's Bakery, 79 Prince St, corner of Prince and Salem Sts.

        1. re: Maura

          Bova's is take-out only, BTW, and they close at midnight (maybe 1am, but I think Midnight)

          There is always the Franklin 'til 130.

          1. re: Win (Boston)

            Is Bova's closing at 12 or 1 a new thing? A few years back, when I worked at a club, we used to stop there on our way home. That was at 3:30-4:00 a.m.

            1. re: Maura

              I think it has been 2-3 years...

              Neighbor complaints they said.

              As the neighborhoods gentrify things change.

              They are still up all night baking, but no more retail in the wee hours.

              Oh well, remember Mondo's? When Quincy Market was a real market. Steak at 5am... The Farmer's Special for 99 cents.

              1. re: Win (Boston)

                As of May 2002, Bova┬┤s was still def. open 24 hours, I went quite a few times last spring....

                yummy calzones. mmmmmm

                1. re: Win (Boston)

                  I am little confused I live on Thacher street and I grab Bovas well past midnight quite often...

                  1. re: Boston Scene

                    Clearly either Win (Boston) was mistaken or else things have changed in the nearly FIVE YEARS since that statement was posted.

                    1. re: Allstonian

                      Bova's sign currently says they're open 24 hours. I assume it's true, but one never knows.

          2. COmpared to NYC you will find Boston's late night dining dissapointing, however there are late night cafes in the North End(near the fleet center)as well as some restaurants serving til midnight, and there are some bar restaurants in Quincy Market open late, and there is always Chinatown.

            1. If it is after midnight, I'd definitely recommend Chau Chow City. There's a whole nightlife scene that revolves around that restaurant after midnight. They have a huge and varied menu with a bunch of good options, including a reasonably priced and absolutely delicious peking duck.

              the address is 81 essex street.

              1. thanks for the replies everyone, i wanna be able to go into any city and know where the good food places are, cause good food makes everything better!

                1. Here's my late night list...

                  -Bova (North End)
                  -South Street Diner (guess where)
                  -News (around corner from South Street)
                  -Mikes (pizza, next to Millenium Hotel in Fanuil Hall area)
                  -tiny pizza place on Friend Street across from Fleet
                  -Cafe Pompei on Hanover Street in the North End

                  have fun