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Nov 11, 2002 12:47 PM

Fire and Ice Review

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I went to the Fire and Ice restaurant in Harvard Square (Boston) this past Thursday. I had no idea what to expect, but was pleased. At first, I was generally confused. In case you haven't been there, you basically pick all the food you want from a "salad bar" and then they cook it for you. It was overwhelming at first, how do you design the perfect dish? I was given some advice, "Find a sauce first, then develop the meal around that." That worked. I decided on the Peppercorn Brandy sauce, and then had chicken, andoulie sausage, black beans, mini-corn, etc. It made for a nice dish.

I actually enjoyed the feel of it so much, that I took my fiance' to the one in Providence on Saturday, before the International Beer Festival.

Anyone interested in a review of the beer at the beer festival?

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  1. Of course. Tell all especially new and interesting beers. Was Rapscallion there?

    1. ANy barleywines?

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        You caught my attention with a question about my favorite type of beer.

        Yes, there was one that I found which was classified as a "Barley Wine." It was Trinity Brewpub, in Providence. It was a little dissapointing as far as Barley Wines go. Whats your favorite? My favorite is Old Foghorn by Anchor Brewery.

        They had a Sammy Smith ale that was very alcohol heavy, but light tasting and very dry. That was an interesting beer. There was also a strong beer from Unibroue of Quebec. I don't remember the specific name, but it was quite good.