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Nov 10, 2002 11:14 AM

dim sum at New Lei Jing

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Based on some comments on the board, I checked out New Lei Jing for dim sum today. Chau Chau City has long been a favorite of mine and I was prepared to be disappointed in NLJ. Got there about 11:15..and was seated in a big empty catering hall style room..quiet as a church...contrast to the "loud, party atmosphere upstairs at Chau Chau City. NLJ doesn't open til 11AM...late for dim sum. We ate and the room never got busy..5 or 6 tables..but the quality of the food was awesome...didn't have anything unusual, and the selection is not as large as the other dim sum places..but the freshness and quality were clearly a few notches higher. NLJ offers a completely different dim sum experience..quiet, relaxed..when I left I walked past Chau Chau City...mobs on the sidewalk...loudspeaker shrieking numbers. Now there's another dim sum option.

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