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Nov 4, 2002 01:55 PM

Thanksgiving in Cambridge--Looking for recommendations

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My family will be meeting in Cambridge for Thanksgiving dinner and I'm in search of restaurant recommendations. I live in DC and know very little about the dining scene in Cambridge. A friend has suggested The Harvest and Henrietta's Table. My family is from rural Minnesota and would be pleased with anything more appealing than a Perkins or Applebees (the only options in their town). We are looking for a traditional meal in an upscale setting with turkey, dressing, cranberries - the whole works. Any ideas for a group of 6?

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  1. Your friend gave you good info..those would be my 2 top could almost flip a coin as to food quality. Henrietta's Table is in the Charles Hotel.. a mid size luxury hotel..Harvest is smaller and would probably have a more intimate feel.

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      The Harvest is the perfect place for your family to meet for Thanksgiving. The chef is spectacular and Holidays there are always splendid. They always offer the traditional along with a couple of alternatives for the more adventurous. I agree with Michaela on the intimate feel...perfect for families catching up on old times. Be sure to make reservations this week- no matter where you will go.

    2. An old face opening in a new spot that I would reccommend is Upstairs at the Square, ormerly known as Upstairs at the Pudding, They have been doing Thanksgiving for the past twenty years and their new location, which is set to open on November 9 is beautiful. They are planning to be open this year once again for Thanksgiving and they plan to pull out the stops. Amanda Lydon, who was named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs two years ago, is working in the kitchen for the opening, so the food should be stellar with a brand new dining room in which to show it off. Definitely the place to go. Have a great meal, wherever you go.

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        That's a great suggestion. Where is Upstairs on the Square, exactly?

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          They're on Winthrop St. in Harvard Square...not much info at the new website other than address and phone.


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          I thought Amanda Lydon was at Metro? Is there a new chef there?

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            She left Metro a few months ago. Don't know the new chef's name.

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            BEWARE. We too followed a reccomendation to have Thanksgiving "Upstairs" two years ago and it was an unmitigated DISASTER. They had booked a very large party and expressed surprise when the family took more than 4 hours to dine, drink, etc. Needless to say there were nearly fifty diners left waiting on the staircase (lots of children too...) The last party to be seated waited close to three hours past their reservation time to be brought to their table. To calm everyone down, The Pudding people started giving out booze, so not only were people pissed off, but they were all soon bombed as well. No way to spend a holiday. In addition the food was served lukewarm and was a C+ at best. For an institution that has been "doing Thanksgiving" for twenty years, you'd think the Upstairs crew would have been more experienced. It was an absolute disgrace.

          3. I called Henretta's table for reservations last week- they are filling up fast (few reservation times available) and they are having a buffett. $50 dollars a head. Thanks for the Upstairs at the Square suggestion. Just made reservations there. They are not officially open yet, they said they would open on the 18th - just doing private parties etc. now. They were not sure whether they would be doing a price fixe for Thanksgving but said they would call me next week to let me know.