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Nov 1, 2002 04:33 PM

Red Sauce "real Italian food" - opinions wanted

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Spawned by the same corp that operates Naked Fish. Never had Naked Fish but, the Naked Fish in Quincy is now a Red Sauce. Grabbed a to-go menu and while not very chow-houndish, it looks to be decent. They offer sauted broccoli rabe w/ garlic, which I love. They also have a interesting appetiser menu. Just like to hear from those who have eaten there.

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    Linda from Boston

    I was wondering how this restaurant was doing after I read the review in the Boston Globe. The article stated if the restaurant did well it would open at other locations. I have provided the url so you can read the reviews from people who have eaten there. The original location is in Hingham.


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    1. re: Linda from Boston

      I just saw a Red Sauce sign replacing the NakedFish in Watertown. They must be doing pretty well.


      1. re: horrible

        IMHO, it ain't that good, which is fine since it is the same owner of Naked Fish, which IMHO is also not particularly good. Give him a year or two and he'll change to another name and another theme. Good business, bad restauranting.

        1. re: AlanH

          I agree--- their sauce actually doesn't taste that great. Service ok, atmosphere good. went for lunch at hingham restaurant in early october.