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Oct 18, 2002 04:20 PM

Cafe Levonya, Arlington

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Wonder what folks on this list think about Cafe Levonya. I was there for lunch today (my first time) and the food was delightful. I had an Armenian shish kebab (lamb) and it was very succulent and had the tenderness just right. Comes wrapped in lavash. My friends had the falafel and the armenian salad with bastruma and found it to be good. The service is friendly and seems like a mom and pop kind of operation. Its @ 795 Mass Ave Arlington.

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  1. Nice one, Krishnan. Hadn't heard of this place before and will check it out on your rec. Keep 'em coming.

    1. d
      David "Zeb" Cook

      So far I've only been to Levonya to buy groceries (good eastern europe jams and bottles of baked yogurt) and grab food for carryout when my wife was sick. They make a very nice chunky borscht with big hunks of potatoes and stuff. When I bought blintzes to go, the counter woman gave me instructions on how to cook them at least three times.
      They have expanded their menu from sandwiches to more sit-down meals in between the last two times I was there. As a duty to all hounds I'll endeavor to get there this weekend for a proper meal and report!

      David "Zeb" Cook