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Oct 18, 2002 01:09 PM

Flour Bakery South End

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Working my way through the various bakeries that folks recommended a while back.

Have hit the Flour bakery in the South End a couple of times recently.

Had their Boston Cream and Dacquoise. Both were very good, but not quite worth a specific trip.

In all fairness, everything there seems fresh, well made, and tasty.

If I lived nearby I would probably be a regular, but neither item would be something I would have a craving for. Rosie's, Hi-Rise, and Modern would be my choice by a hair before I would make a specific trip to Flour.

Next on the list is Sel de La Terre.

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  1. Are you also trying baguettes, in addition to sweet pastries? I hear excellent things about the baguette at Flour.... through the grapevine. In fact, someone (you know who you are) used the word "profound" to describe it. Opinions?

    "sucky bread sucks"

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    1. re: yumyum

      Yeah, the more homestyle baked goods are where it's at I think. Plus the sandwiches looked amazing, must try soon.

      1. re: Joanie

        just ate a delicious grilled/smoked ham w/ arugula carmelized onions and brie. amazing. i think their sandwiches are worthy! oh, it was pressed too! for dessert a waffle type sandwich cookie w/ delicious caramel in the middle and dusted w/ powdered sugar.

        1. re: rivka

          Flour is hit and miss for me. It's next door to my doctor's office, so I get there fairly often. (After you read this list, you'll probably assume I'm being treated for morbid obesity and/or uncontrolled diabetes. )

          Most of their baked goods look better than they taste. The molasses clove cookies are too crumbly and bland. The vanilla pound cake was a slab of heavy, greasy white cake with no vanilla flavor. I didn't like the apple coffee cake much either.

          The only yeast bread I've tried so far is the cranberry walnut loaf. It's dense and chewy with a thick crust. I think it might have rye flour in it as well as whole wheat. It's delicious, but $5 is a lot for a loaf of bread.

        2. re: Joanie

          The sandwiches are indeed amazing. The BLT is just about perfect -- one time I had it they used purslane instead of lettuce, which sounds a little fussy and cheffy, but turns out to be inspired, because the purslane is a little lemony and more succulent than lettuce. It's great when they do it with lettuce too (I think they use purslane only when it's in season). The whole sandwich gets grilled/pressed, which does great things for that sandwich bread they make. Also had a chicken sandwich with, I think, avocado and jicama. (I think I posted about it back in April) Much more than the sum of its parts.

      2. "Have hit the Flour bakery in the South End .... Had their Boston Cream and Dacquoise. Both were very good, but not quite worth a specific trip."

        Not sure what you mean by Boston Cream (?donut ?cake), but Flour does a fresh-cream & Jam-filled donut that's super light, nongreasy yet rich, and, IMHO, well worth making the trip for. I've not had anything like it (been meaning to try Butler's Colonial Donuts' version but haven't made it down there yet - maybe this winter).

        1. had an excellent brioche there. Kind of overpriced tho, I thought.

          1. folks, i just have to say that this is one of my favorite morning stops. but like most other places, you just have to pick the right things. flour's 'sticky sticky buns' are outrageous and a definite reason for a drive into the city in the morning. plus, i've found that they make one of the best iced lattes i've had in the city. another great hit are their sandwiches. i had this melt-in-your-mouth breakfast sandwich a couple of sundays ago (they only serve breakfast sandwiches on sundays). although i haven't been . . . . . i hear their lunch sandwiches are very good.

            1. Don't miss Sel de la Terre's Ham and Cheese Croissant - an interesting version, well worth the effort!