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Oct 17, 2002 09:51 AM

Chowhound Exposee in Boston Phoenix

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Today's Boston Phoenix.

Beaming Galleygirl! . . . Rubee wondering whether people read what she writes (I do!) . . . cheerful 9lives . . .

It's all in there.


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  1. I was probably cheerful because of the steamed oysters and crispy eel...nice to be grouped in with the 20 and 30 somethings..:)

    1. Great article. I liked the reference to nature-nurture proportions, which is fitting for my family -- even though my mother was a saint, a cook she was not. To Rubee's revelation, my own child eats nothing outside of chicken nuggets and ketchup, but watches cooking shows on the food network with me. I hope his tastes develop soon, so we can enjoy food like chowhound families.

      1. Ruth did a great job.

        YumYum is so funny. Should we make that 'bread' comment our new motto? ;)

        Except one correction. My poor mom (who had her own vegetable garden) DID make excellent finnan haddie, meatloaf, carpetbagger steak, (Dad was born and bred in NE) in fact everything, in addition to her wonderful Vietnamese food. What was true, was that I wouldn't eat ANY of that. I wanted Chef-Boyardee! I wanted TV dinners! I wanted frozen veal patties and Tater Tots. UGH (well, I still like Tater Tots).

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        1. re: Rubee

          Yeah, well, I'm gonnah have to LIE when I email my mom the article..."Oh no, I NEVER said that about your cooking, Mom, she must have misquoted me!" ;)

          I still wannah know who the Unknown Chowhound at the next table was!

          Really fun, humorous article, Ruth...

          1. re: galleygirl

            Great piece but now I am TOTALLY intrigued since our bejeweled Galley Girl got all that good press. She may need head shots and an agent soon! Glad my comment on censorship ('twas I who panned a bloviating chowhound - and had my post nuked) ooops oh well sorry got a mention.

            1. re: 1crispydude

              LOL! She should have met me at the East Boston crawl, when I was wearing my foul-weather gear and sailing boots....

        2. Cool! It's a nice, fun to read article.....hope that brings even more underground chowhounds to the board.