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Oct 17, 2002 09:19 AM


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Hey gang. Has anyone been to G'Vanni's in the North End lately (or not lately)? I don't recall if being on the usual discussion of North End places and don't know if that means it is not good, or I just don't recall, or people just forget about it. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I think I might go there for my birthday on Sat but want some input from you. Thanks.

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  1. As a birthday present to yourself, why not try a place other than G'vanni's-you can do so much better. Depending on what you like and what you want to spend (or hopefully have spent on you) the Chowhounders can make a bunch of rec's. Piccolo Nido on Lewis and North Streets is a nice place with owner/chef. Artu (next door to G'Vanni's) is good for an inexpensive meal as are Antico Forno and LoConte's on Salem Street. For real (but more expensive) treats - Prezza is great as are Carmen and Terra Mia. Let us know where you finally ended up.