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Oct 16, 2002 02:59 PM

Cafe Escadrille in Burlington

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A friend wants to meet there for lunch but is open to other suggestions. Has anyone eaten here and can you tell me what it is like.


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  1. okay. let me try to be kind here. i had driven by this restaurant hundreds of times and was curious and you know, wanted to give it a try. my husband and i ate there with another couple and it really was not good. it was 'old fashioned' new england food with poor, snootie service. in fact, the next day, the husband of the couple we went with wrote cafe escadrille a letter to see if he could offer some constructive criticism. they did write back! but really, their response showed that they didn't really care. it's too bad. i hope someone else on the site has had a better experience at this restaurant.

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      I work near this place and sometimes go for a cocktail or two... burlington is not a great place to go out... I have to agree that the food is fair at best and the service is overly snooty..... As a matter of fact I had my first big date here when I was 16.... many, many years ago!

    2. Used to work at several companies near the Cafe Escadrille, so I got a little 'drille-d out on the place. (I also detest the song in the radio ad.)

      It's not a bad place; just not particularly chowhoundy, IMO. It can get a little expensive for lunch, depending on what you get. But you can also get pretty good chef or Caesar salads and decent burgers there.

      Depending on the day of the week, it can be VERY crowded; Fridays is usually not a good day to go. Menu is at the link below...Greenhouse Cafe is usually where lunch is served.


      1. I second the previous opinions. Been there a couple of times (not by my own choice) and found it overpriced and underwhelming.

        Won't be going back on my own nickel.

        1. I suspected as much. Visited the site before my post and I could tell. But I had to ask.

          Sometimes clean and simple food like that can be excellent, and just what is needed. But bad renditions are certainly to be avoided.

          Thanks for the guidance everyone.

          1. Don't know how well supplied you are with "other suggestions" for Burlington, but here's one: The Lemon Tree on Middlesex Turnpike has fairly decent Thai food.