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Oct 16, 2002 11:15 AM


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I'm going to Mantra for dinner - any recommendations (I don't eat shellfish)?


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    the hungry traveler

    My advice=DON'T GO
    I was there on Saturday night and it wasn't disastrous so much as absolutely not worth the $95/pp tab (app, entree, dessert plus 1 cocktail and 1 glass of wine). The food was boring and oversalted and the room was so loud that we couldn't hold a conversation. Neither my dining companion nor I finished the desserts we ordered, as they tasted like something packaged. Our waiter aplogized about the food, even though we hadn't complained, saying that the chef had just debuted a new menu and was "working out the kinks." For that kind of money I can go to Clio and be assured of a pretty great meal.

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      Ditto. They did something to my wife's creme bruele that was downright obscene. Any place that's compelled to offer classic dishes and then tinker with them for the sheer hell of it, is not to be trusted on any score. Try someplace else.

    2. I cannot help you with recommendations, I was there recently and everything my companion and I ordered had shellfish.

      I do want to say it was a fabulous meal. The sauces are incredibly flavorful. Our service was excellent. It was pricey and the portions not huge, but every item we had was delicious.

      1. We had a rotten experience at Mantra. See link. We later learned from a friend who knew the the management that they thought we had brought the cockroach in with us to get a freebie. I don't know about you but my SO would never touch me again if she thought I was carrying a cockroach in my pocket for any reason nevermind as a prop for a fraud. The whole thing was to ridiculous to be believed.

        I didn't think the food was up to the hype either.

        My advice, go somewhere where the management cares about the customers.