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Hello all. I'd like to go away (somewhere not more than about 90 minutes from Boston) where I can stay somewhere romantic but not god-awfully expensive and have a really nice meal with my wife, on Saturday. Any suggestions for restaurant/inn combinations (doesn't have to be an inn with a restaurant--an inn with a great restaurant easily accessible is fine). Let me know soon! Thnanks

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  1. The Morgan House in Lenox/Lee has a Queen Room, which is great. The restauarnt isn't bad or great but lots of dining options nearby.

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      But that's a good 3 hours away. How about Rockport? There are a bunch of pretty little inns in town, you have the ocean for romance, and it's only about an hour from Boston. For a nice dinner you can drive into Gloucester or Newburyport (see this board and the New England one for specific suggestions).

    2. I'm going to Mystic for a non-romantic weekend staying at a hotel, but here's a site for sme bed & breakfasts that look cute. Not sure what the inn dining situation is tho.

      Link: http://www.mysticbandb.com/

      1. I'd choose to go to Oqunquit and stay at the Anchorage, they have an outside hottub with gorgerous views, a couple of very good restaurants to choose from in village, sorry can't remember names. D'amores for breakfast though, lemon poppyseed french toast.yum.

        1. Not sure about inns, but Pesce Blue in Portsmouth, NH (a little over an hour from Boston) is a very good new (mostly) seafood restaurant.

          1. I think that Kennebunkport just makes your 90 minute cutoff...The White Barn Inn there is fantastic.

            1. Well for a romantic inn, I've stayed at the stone house club in little compton, RI, and found it really beautiful. right on the ocean, beautiful views. I thought the food was pretty good (not the best, but nice), and just down the road there's the sakonnet vineyards where you can taste all their wines. And there HAVE to be other nice place to eat around there, it's a really cute part of RI, and right near newport, without all the tourists.

              Here's their website - and it's only about an hour away.

              Link: http://www.stonehouseclub.com/

              1. I'm not sure if this fits in your budget, but the Stonehedge is only about half an hour away, but feels like a continent away. It's in Tyngsboro, Ma and located in a European-style manor. Excellent restaurant, beautiful rooms, award-winning wine list, and romantic fireside bar. The overnight package is especially nice as it includes the room and dinner for two.

                Link: http://stonehedgeinn.com/

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                  Can you tell me more about this Inn? I live in Nashua, NH so this is literally a stone throw away for me. What did you like or not like from the menu? Any favorite items? My husband and I may go there for one of the special occassions...
                  Thanks in advance!

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                    I've eaten there twice - once for a wedding about 8 years ago, once more recently with friends (although I can't remember what we had).

                    I really don't think you can go wrong with this place for a special occasion meal. VERY good food, excellent wine list - one of the largest and best on the East Coast.

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                      In September there was a similar thread. Here is my post on Silks.

                      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                        I haven't been to Silks since the new chef (see C.Simon's post), but would highly recommend it. We went for an overnight b-day celebration and enjoyed the whole experience. We drove up on a beautiful Fall day last year, checked in and relaxed (they also have a spa), and then headed down for a brandy by the cozy fireplace before a wonderful dinner. If you go, arrive a little early to take a look around, and relax in the lounge before your dinner. I have to add that the service was excellent also. P.S. They have wine dinners on Monday nights.

                        Link: http://stonehedgeinn.com/silks.html

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                        An old co-worker of mine like the Silks Restaurant so much he got married there.

                        I've never been.

                        The name does have a wierd 70s-80s feel to it, don't it?