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Oct 15, 2002 03:57 PM

30th Birthday Party - Suggestions?

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Hey hounds! I'm planning a party for a friend who's turning 30 this weekend, and we want to take her out to dinner this Thursday. There will be 6 or 7 of us.

Looking for:
- fairly inexpensive (under $30/person)
- casual and unpretentious place, more towards the cozy/warm side
- leaning towards Mexican/Spanish/Southwestern-ish (b-day girl is a native Texan)
- chow-worthy food!

I was thinking the South End (Masa, Claremont Cafe ... ?) for close proximity to pre/after dinner drinks and such, but this is by no means mandatory. Any ideas?

(Bar recommendations would be appreciated as well.)

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  1. A few of us have been to Masa recently and really like it. Definitely a posibility. I'd also recommend the Green St. Grill which I just posted about where no entree is over $18 and the two desserts are $5, they've got interesting drinks and beers plus a fun crowd, and there are a few other places in the area if you want to get drinks later (Central Kitchen, Enormous Room, Good Life, Middle East) altho the GSG bar is fairly happening.

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      Does Green Street Grille take reservations? I am going out to celebrate my birthday this weekend too and thought this might be a good option...but we would probably want reservations. Thanks.

      1. re: cheesecake

        They do, and we only had 4 people.

    2. Bristol Lounge at The Four Seasons is a neat "grownup" bar scene- something that might be fun for a milestone b-day. They make a mean martini (not cheap!)