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Oct 15, 2002 11:54 AM

last minute suggestions

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Here from L.A. unexpectedly for a funeral & haven't have time to research some spots to eat. I remember some good vietnamese places located in Dorchester-something republic??? Also a reminder of a great italian spot in the North End would be appreciated.

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  1. Vietnamese;
    Dorchester, Pho 2000 (Fields Corner, Adams St)
    Chinatown, Nam Vang
    South End; Pho Republique (really more fusion-y)

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    1. re: galleygirl

      thanks galleygirl...........i thought I remembered this was your recommendation. any specific items you'd like to turn me on to? with the rain tomorrow, soup should be good.

      1. re: dotrat

        Pho 2000;
        Beef 7 Ways, Sour and Spicey Fish Soup (or Fisherman soup, can't remember what they call it here..), Shrimp and Jelly fish salad....Ban Xeo (Vietnamese crepe)/Also heard from fat Boy that their seafood in hot pot is good...kinda fondue style, and you wrap it with rice-paper and herbs...

        Nam Vang;
        Bun Rieu, ANY SOUP!!!!, Ban Xeo, Fish in Clay Pot(best in Town!)

        Pho Republique;
        Funky Atmospere, Funky drinks, great tempura tuna roll, great apps.

        BTW, Sorry about your loss....

    2. North End..trendy, upscale..dinner only..Prezza

      traditional italian..Massimino's Cucina

      Regina Pizzeria...arguably the best pizza in boston..only pizza

      1. Limoncello for great all round Italian cooking. Also some of the best tiramisu I've had. Nearby Piccolo Nido is almost as good (except their tiramisu wasn't up to par), but more serene.

        Carmen for great crespelle bolognese, and little antipasti plates from the bar. Lovely bar to eat at, BTW.

        Daily Catch for hearty, honest squid ink fettucini aglio olio.

        A cannoli, sfogliatelle, paragini or ricotta pie (get a slice of the big pie, not the small whole ones) at Modern Pastry. Skip their tiramisus -- too much whipped cream.

        That said, I suspect that LA will have plenty of good vietnamese, probably more than the Boston Area if what I've heard is true. You might be better off seeking Portugese or Brazilian.....

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        1. re: Limster

          actually, I think dotrat is from dorchester. Because of the substantial vietnamese population in dorchester, you can find some really good vietnamese restaurants in a part of the city where there aren't _that_ many good restaurants to choose from. I think that because the size of the community, and the fact that most of the people who go to those restaurants are vietnamese, the food is probably quite authentic.