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Oct 15, 2002 10:30 AM

Stella's Excellent Pizza in Watertown

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Not to perpetually beat the drum of Watertown, but there is a really excellent thin crust place right in Coolidge square which is the little neighborhood on Mt. Auburn that is also home to Arax and Sevan.

I am not even a thin crust fan; in fact, I prefer Sicillian, but Stella's has excellent, very thin crust that is done perfectly.

They do all the standard toppings.

Only sell slices at lunch and the slices are thicker then when you order a pie.

Really a neighborhood place, but top notch pizza for anyone who is a real thin crust fan.

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  1. Stella's vs.AnyOtherPizzaPlace; compare and contrast! ;)

    No really, what's it similar to? Is it a straight pizza place?

    And, speaking of surprising neighborhood slices, has anyone but me tried the slices at Brookline Spa, a neighborhood dive that does sandwiches for meat eaters? They put in a pizza oven last spring, but have since hired a pizza guy who's been doing some surprising stuff..
    (No, not worth running to Brookline for, but if you go by, get a slice for the surprise-factor...)

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      I really can't compare Stella's to any other place in Boston. There are people who are fanatic about Stella's.

      I'm just not a pizza maven. Like it well enough, but not enough to jump up and down...

      Stella's is not quite paper thin, but it is a VERY thin crust that they cook just right.

      The sauce, toppings, and cheese are very good, but again, they really have the crust nailed. If I were to give an award for "best thin crust," they might win. When I am feeling healthy, I sometimes get a small pie, with sauce and veggies and no cheese. The crust is so good that it stands on the strength of the crust alone.

      Though Santarpios might edge it out for "best thin pizza" on the strength of the sauce and cheese, this is splitting hairs. Also, Stella's uses fresh spinach and other veggies for those non-meat eaters ;-).

      Half the time it is Stella's owner in there making the pizza himself because he has a hard time getting a really good pizza maker that is up to his standards.

      I am an old Regina lover and think their Pizza for it's type is excellent. I can never resist the "everything on it" pie there.

      I used to be a Santarpio's devotee but for my money the quality of their sausage topping (my favorite) is not at all what it used to be 6+ years ago.

      They used to do massive sausage chunks that were meaty and excellent. Like no other.

      Last time I went to Santarpio's (2 years ago) they had thin little sausage slices like everyone else so I was very disappointed.

      That said, a Santarpio's cheese pizza is still notable as are their skewers of meat.

      I also put in my vote for the very simple square slices at Galleria Umberto and the square slices at Pinocchio's (sp?) in Harvard Square. Neither is an award winner, but excellent pizza in their own niche.

    2. You're right on StriperGuy! I grew up in Watertown and now live in the outer burbs. I am in a constant and never ending search to find something even slightly comparable. Haven't found a better cheese pie yet. The crust IS the thing. It's the pizza of my youth (every Friday night) and it fuels my chow dreams!

      For anyone in the northwest suburbs, the closest I have found is a place called Boston Pizza in Tyngsboro, on 3A heading toward Nashua.

      1. I like Stella's OK; it compares favorably with Armando's on Huron in Cambridge, I think, although neither compares to Pepe's, Sally's, The Spot, or Modern Apizza in New Haven for super-thin "East Coast" pizza.

        But is there anybody on this board who grew up around Chicago and is familar with Chicago-area thin crust pizza (even though Chicago is far better known for deep dish thanks to the chain-ification of UNOs)?

        Crust is made of flakier and slightly thicker dough that doesn't get as soggy/flimsy as the dough in thin-crust pizzas out here, and there is a much thicker layer of cheese on top. Anybody who knows what I am talking about and has any leads on where to find pizza like that out here, please let me know.

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        1. re: Samovar

          I saw Joe Mantegna talking about that pizza on the Food Network's preview of the Fine Living channel or whatever it's called. But I'm of no help on where to find it, would like to try some tho.