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Oct 14, 2002 12:33 PM

lunch spots

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Are there any good lunch spots near downtown crossing? I will be ion Boston with my mom, and we like shopping in that area. Any kind of food is fine, were always up for a good sandwich, pizza, etc.. How about lunch spots in the north end? Harvard area? Thanks in advance for all your recommendations! :P

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  1. I'm currently quite addicted to the Baja taco at Real Taco on Bedford St. right near downtown crossing. Fish tacos aren't for everyone, but other menu samplings have turned up equal savor. Second favorite is a carnitas quesadillas and tacos.

    It's a storefront, so if you're looking for sitdown it won't work. There is seating, though.

    1. The Chacarero food counter on the north (?) - Franklin Street side of Filene's. It faces Marshall's. Those sandwiches are fabulous - fresh bread, grilled meat (I prefer steak), spicy green beans, muenster and avocado spread for about 5-6 bucks. For a sit-down meal, Silvertone on Bromfield Street is a sure bet. The calamari is to die for and their spin on the grilled caesar salad is addictive.

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        It's been a few years since I've worked down there, but other than seconding Chacarerro (sp?), Sam LaGrassa's was a good place for sandwiches. Off Bromfeld St, across from the Littlest Bar.
        If you walk to Water St. (about 10 min from DC), Sultan's Kitchen was one of my favorites too.
        J. Pace was a good place for pasta and Italian fare - 2 locations on Devonshire St.