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Oct 14, 2002 12:31 PM

goin to Prezza

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Going to Prezza (for the 1st time) in a few days with my parents. Any favorite apps, entrees, desserts? Ive heard great things about the pumpkin ravioli though I'm not the biggest lobster fan. How are their fish dishes? Thanks hounds!

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I hope you like Prezza as much as I do. Their menu changes seasonally, so not all of my favorites will be on there, but here's some of them:


    Gorgonzola-stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto. Crispy fried zucchini flowers with tomato, pancetta and polenta (anything with their polenta is very good - last week I had sauteed wild mushrooms over polenta). Tuna tartare with fried oysters. If you're a fan of clams, their take on 'clam chowder' is a specialty of the house, very unique, and I believe it was written up as a "hot dish" in the Improper or Stuf@Night. It's a savory clam broth, and in the middle of the bowl, a pile of bacon mashed potatoes, topped by both steamed and fried clams. Another favorite appetizer which I haven't seen this Fall yet are the seared scallops over the bacon mashed potatoes. If you like shrimp, they sometimes have a 'crispy shrimp' appetizer which are large, head-on prawns. Last week I did see the flatbread with rabbit go by and it looked so good, I'll probably order it next time.

    For entrees, I tend to get their pastas. Besides the seasonal specials, they always have a pasta dish (usually tagliatelle or gnocchi) served 'a la Bolognese with porcini cream and pecorino' which is excellent.

    E. tends to order either the filet or the veal chop if they have it. Both are impressively large, juicy pieces of wood-grilled meat.

    I've had a lot of the seafood appetizers, and a fish special last year in a finnan haddie sauce - the seafood is always fresh and I've never been disappointed.

    You've probably read a lot of the recent posts, but I've linked to an earlier post from last Winter since the Fall menu may have similar items:
    Let us know how you like it!