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Oct 13, 2002 11:08 PM

Pizza at Antico Forno, North End, Boston

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The pizza at Antico Forno is really great, but only for about a minute.

I got the queenly Margherita lightly sprinkled with basil strips. For a split-second, there was the faintest possible whiff of Naples, followed by a good crispy thin crackle into the crust.

It's only good for about a minute. The sauce soaks through the crust quickly; my second slice has lost much of the magic, and the third slice was soggy.

The mozzerella is good, as for the tomato sauce, it's made with cherry tomatoes. I think it's a bit too light, I like mine with a deeper tomato flavor. The sauce is also a bit too watery, which contributes to the short half life of deliciousness.

Best way to approach this pizza if you ever decide to try it is to get 8 people (one for each slice) and dig into one the moment it arrives at the table.

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