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Oct 12, 2002 09:22 PM

Green St. Grill in Central Sq.

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A popular place this week getting reviewed in both the Phoenix and the Fri. Globe. They said that the heat has been toned down but our skirt steak sure packed a punch. I remember cumin in the description, not sure what else, but it was delicious and spicy. The kale was great and altho they didn't have the potato cheese pancakes mentioned in one of the reviews, the mashed allowed us to cool off our mouths. The pork chop was huge with great semi sticky coconut rice, beans, some salsa and veggies. My other friend got spare ribs with chirizo plus rice and beans. Prices were $14-18 for a LOT of food. Appetizers looked good but had to save room for the chocolate cake which was amazing, warm and very chocolately with yummy whipped cream ($5). They made a nice tangerine cosmo too. Great space and an interesting menu at a relative bargain.

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  1. I'm in the minority I think, but I really miss the old divey Green St. I loved going in for the spicy seafood stew dressed in just about anything. This new upscale look really bummed me out, and the food doesn't seem the same. I haven't been since they got the new chef. I know it's just a new place now, but I really miss that old dive.

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        I miss the old dive too, but nonetheless, I'm looking forward to the new menu. I was a BIG fan of Mark Romano's brunches at the Blue Room, and I even liked what he was doing at the ill-fated 608. It's not HIS fault that Green Street lost its funk and charm, so I'm gonna give it a try!

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          Speaking of which, has the Blue Room brunch changed much since Mark Romano's departure? I haven't been there in a while either.

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            The funkiness of the old place was cool but I think it's a really nice room and not TOO fancy. It's a great value now I think whereas before I kind of felt I should be paying a lot less in such a funky atmosphere.