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Oct 12, 2002 01:31 PM

somerville lunch help please?

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We need suggestions for lunch - either Mexican or something ethnic.

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  1. Check out the review of Tu Y Yu, Mexican Fonda cooking, posted yesterday..It's in Powderhouse Sq, a ten minute walk from Davis Sq.

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      Unfortunately, Tu Y Yo is not open for lunch...the website has a lunch menu but states that they're no longer open for lunch.

      I don't know if you consider Southern BBQ ethnic, but I just had a great lunch at Redbones BBQ in Davis Sq.

    2. Picante is good for Mexican. Diva for Indian. Both are in the heart of Davis Square.

      1. East Asia at Powder House Sq. has the best Chinese food anywhere.

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          Tacos Lupita on the corner of Elm and Porter Sts has great El Salvadorian food. Their Tortas and Huaraches are my favorites.