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Oct 11, 2002 06:07 PM

pro-vegitarian restaurants

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Hi all,

Some help needed from you non-carnivores (especailly you, galleygirl!). Need a place for birthday gathering. The guest of honor is a vegitarian (non-vegan, egg and dairy okay..). The rest of the group are not big meat eaters (well, except me). Any places that can take 7 ppl and are of mid price range (~$35 per person) are fine, but we prefer a place not too far from MGH (someone had to work late...). Only thing that came to my mind is Addis Red Sea. Any suggetions?


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  1. Asian Garden in Chinatown has a buddhist vegetarian banquet menu posted in the window. It's risky for a special occasion, since no one has tried it, but we were quite happy with the regular dishes when we ate there a couple of months ago.

    If you do go there for that vegetarian banquet menu, please let us know how it went. I've been wondering about it for a while.

    1. How about crossing over the Charles to try delicious Afghan food at Helmand? They take reservations and are just a quick trip from MGH.

      1. Hey Ben, Addis Red Sea is a really fun dining experience, with rich flavors for veggies and carnivores alike, so it's a great idea. But since your friend isn't a vegan, there are really no limits. Chose one of you favorites from that area, or any area. Since it's a special occasion, you might want to call ahead and check, but it seems everyplace in town has veg.specials these days, down to tasting menus...The veg. pastas that almost make me forsake the fish choices are on the menu at Pomodoro, in the North End....There's a Mushroom Papardelle on the menu, among others, that seemed to be more than a token nod to the non-carnivore..And, as usual, BIG flavors.

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          Pomodoro's good, but it's small. 7 folks all at one table might strain it a bit; worth going, but might be a good idea to call ahead and warn them.

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            I had a birthday party there a few years ago, no prob. except for Sat. nite...But calling first is a good idea..Of course, with 7 people, you should warn any place.. :)

        2. Thanks for all the input guys! We decieded to go w/ Addis Red Sea, beacause many in the group had not tried Ethiopean food and thought it would be fun. But I will definately keep all the recs for our future outings!

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            If it's not too late, I just wanted to mention that you might want to take care of the seating arrangement at Addis Red Sea. Since people are seated in groups of four (all sharing from the same central table and thus, food), a slow eater sitting with fast eaters could end up not eating very much at all.