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Oct 11, 2002 09:11 AM

Topsfield Fair

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Had a junk food pigout last nite (good going on a Thurs. rather than sitting in Rt. 1 traffic on the weekend). Started with fried dough which I hadn't had for over a year. Damn, that tasted good coming right out of the fryer but it's up to $3.50 now. What's the profit margin for those people? Next was a cider donut, nice crispiness to it. Then after walking around, catching Paul Revere & the Raiders who played great songs in between the comedy schtick, and the token ride where they played horrible slow Eminem (where's the Motley Crue?), split German fries and apple pie w/ ice cream. It all was really good but so unhealthy.

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  1. I went last weekend and chowed down as well, although no fried dough (BAD memories). Walking in, we saw a bunch of people walking out with those cardboard bowls (they look like dog bowls) of fries and chips -- what piggies, we thought. Of course, on our way out we were doing the very same thing -- freshly made potato chips (very good kettle-style chips) with pump cheese and jalapenos -- can't get much trashier than that!! In between, had part of a smoked turkey leg (very good, almost bacon-like), two cider donuts fresh out of the grease -- good and crispy, have no idea how they taste when they're cold. SOme excellent hot cider from the stand -- Brooksby Farm? -- inside the Fruits and Vegetables barn. And some nice apple crisp. Also turkey-vegetable soup from the church place, which is nothing to write home about, but they are awfully friendly there.

    it's a great fair, pretty much the epicenter of junk food culture.

    1. Nice to hear about my favorite local fair. My wife and I went to the Big E and were quite disappointed. Topsfield is smaller but with a much nicer feeling to it. I recall that the junk food was uniformly excellent but the highlights for us were the pig races and the giant pumpkin weigh off. Both events made us feel quite svelte and ready for more food.

      1. I, too, indulged in the deep-fried foods tour. Skipped the cider donuts, since nobody seemed to be making them fresh at the fair, and I can always bop over to Russell Orchards. Also skipped the fried dough, since I saw them loading prefab slabs of the stuff onto plates. Instead, I went for fresh-cut fries (an increasingly uncommon pleasure -- so that's where they've gone!) and the vegetable tempura, which quite unexpectedly turned out to be the best thing I had there. My plate contained onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and zucchini, fried up to perfection in a tasty batter. OK, so the sweet potatoes were slightly underdone, but not enough to ruin the experience or anything. Besides, I had fun playing with the pump-spray bottle of soy sauce.

        I also collared a delicious cup of light, cold, sweet cider. Haven't had such good cider in years.

        Don't waste money or stomach room on the pizza.

        Do time your visit to take in the birds of prey demo, if they have it again.

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          I've always wondered about that tempura, I'll have to check it out sometime. I made the mistake of the blooming onion one year and that just wasn't right. Turkey leg next year.