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Sep 30, 2002 04:28 PM

El Pelon Taqueria

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Went to El Pelon Taqueria on the way to the Red Sox game on Saturday -- we usually go to Burrito Max in Kenmore Square but read about El Pelon in the recent Calendar magazine -- they raved and so will I.

We got two burritos -- veggie and braised pork -- each was filled to the brim with the advertised fillings including rice, beans, salsa, etc. The burritos were spicy and far more interesting in flavor than any burrito I've had before. Claim to fame is the "grilled" tortillas and quality of the ingredients.

Downside was the wait for our to-go order -- it was easily 20-25 minutes with only 4 small orders ahead of us. I guess quality takes time :-) Next time we'll call in advance from the car.

The two burritos (no drinks) came to about 10 bucks. I've included the link to their website below. I would definitely recommend them if you find yourself over by Fenway.



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  1. Personally, two two times I've been, I was any where but overwhelmed.

    The first time I was not impressed with the chicken burrito.

    The second time I went, the carnitas from my tacos were bland and although I started eating the two tacos immediately after I got in my car, the tortilla was already soggy.

    Then again, I'm still a huge fan of Anna's. If only they got rid of the steamed wraps I would be in heaven. Anna's quesadilla carnitas with salsa, hot sauce and sour cream is a delight. Granted, I would rather go elsewhere for a full meal, but Anna's to go is a favorite.

    I still need to try that place in Somerville on Elm.

    Jose's in Cambridge is ok as well for a meal.

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      I love El Pelon, but then again, I haven't had the fish tacos or burritoes at Real Taco. (I'm excited that Baseball season is over, so I can start going again!)..I really like Anna's a lot;I'd hit it more often if they has a fish or shrimp option; there's only so many time I want a grilled veggies burrito, tho it is very good... I just think El Pelon has many more exciting flavors going on...

      I linked to an old post about it, below...


      1. re: galleygirl

        I've said it before and I've gotta say it again. El Pelon is my idea of authentic LA style taqueria, the only around here. The fish tacos are simple, but perfect: Good flaky spiced fish, pickled red cabbage, limed sliced cucumbers, a bit of spiced aoli -- heaven in a tortilla. The tostada are damn good too. I like how they mix sour cream with creme fraiche and drizzle it on top - a good foil to the spiciness of the other ingredients.
        I've never really had a problem with long waits, but then again I usually like to hang out with friends at the outside picnic tables while I wait. It's a good place to hang and relax with some good food.
        And I can't believe I am seeing Burrito Max in the same sentence as El Pelon. Burrito Max is like McDonalds gone Mexican. Sorry, but plain nasty.

        1. re: Coolhandluke

          RE: "And I can't believe I am seeing Burrito Max in the same sentence as El Pelon. Burrito Max is like McDonalds gone Mexican. Sorry, but plain nasty."

          I DO hang my head in shame on that one...and actually debated NOT admitting my frequenting of Burrito Max pre-discovering El Pelon :-)but then I remember that the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one....

          1. re: Coolhandluke

            Is Burrio Max worse than Big Burrito was? Ugghh!

            And Galleygirl, I can't wait to try the Real Taco fish tacos and other goodness either. But I find myself in Harvard much more than anywhere else so I calmly await their opening. I just called and the guy who answered at the Bedford St. location said they're shooting for November 1. I'm not sure I can wait that long!

            1. re: Dax

              Actually, I think Big Burrito WAS a little better than Burrito Max, must have been that Kenmore Sq. vibe...They had a really good Asian Fish Burrito...(Max may have it also, but that was BEFORE El Pelon came to town..)

              Actually, I know people like Real Taco more than Herrera's, but I had a good fish soft taco there awhile back, so I wouldn't write them off, either. Of course, the problem with Real Taco and Herrera's is, whenever I'm in that nabe, the lure of Chinatown is too strong to resist. ;) And hey, Dax, it's only a few T-stops from Hvd.Sq!!

      2. Just to add to the posts: no one has mentioned El Pelon's tortas - they are fantastic! I prefer the carnitas to the chicken. (BTW, the torta is meat, beans, guac, salsa, and other yummy ingredients sandwiched between a Portuguese-type roll - kind of like a Big Mac but way superior).
        For Carnitas plate, however, I think Anna's still does a better job. No fancy spices or seasonings, but the combination of tender roast pork butt(or shoulder) with crispy bits, over fluffy, flavoured rice and with black (not red) beans and salsa is just out of this world. Mmm, mmm, mmm! It's also very accessible since I'm just a couple of blocks away - very handy after a long hard day.