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Sep 30, 2002 11:26 AM


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After almost a year I ventured into the Haymarket this weekend. I cook at home more often than dining out and was impressed by the produce and the cheap prices. I recommend that everyone check the gills on fish carefully before buying - I bought some decent snapper.

I have two questions. How do they manage to sell at such low prices? Are the vendors licensed and pay for a permit? I'm particularly curious in regards to fish vendors - the fish was not bad but one mistake can really ruin a day.

Did I miss meat vendors. I stopped into a few butcher shops in the basement - most were featuring goat, organs and lamb. I was looking for some non-halal meat such as cuts of pork and sausages. I recently visited the Westside Market in Cleveland and really loved the sausages and meats on sale.

All in all, not a bad experience. Does anyone know if driving and parking is really possible. The T took me almost 45mins each way from the West burbs.

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  1. The Haymarket is basically leftovers from the Chelsea produce market. Fruits and veggies can be a bargain, but realize you may have to throw out some of it. I don't know about the permit or licensing process. I do not buy from any of the fish vendors down there...I personally don't think much of the quality..unless I'm going fishing and need bait..exception being the clam guy...clams are great..oysters so so. There is no meat sold from any stands. I don't buy from the butcher shop or the fish market in Haymarket. If you cross under the expway..go up Salem..Guiffre's is a good fish market..and around the corner on Parmenter St is a butcher shop..Sulmona..excellent meats..veal, lamb, beef, everything cut to order and fresh made sausages. Also on Salem is a small vegetable and fruit store..Calore..small down a few steps from street level..excellent selection of mushrooms and fair prices.

    I live in town..and walk over..but driving and parking looks like a nightmare.