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Sep 30, 2002 11:04 AM

Pigalle dress code?

  • j

I am taking my out of town friends here tomorrow night, and want to be sure we're not over or under dressed... What is correct? And menu suggestions?

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  1. Can't remember what I ate there but I'd say don't worry too much about dress code. Casual nice or whatever they call it is fine, a nice shirt and pants. Altho a suit isn't out of place.

    1. I happen to work there.

      For dress, you do not need jacket/tie, but if you do wear a jacket, you will not feel out of place. The atmosphere is pretty cozy so I would have little concern.

      Regarding the food, it is excellent and there are only a few dishes that are not to my taste, but I would reccomend a bunch of things:

      Apps-pumpkin soup, sashimi, terrine, foie
      mains-duckling, halibut, short ribs and especially the lobster a la Thai

      If your group are good/versatile eaters, I cannot push enough the tasting menu. The petit tasting is 6 courses for $75pp, about $20pp more than doing an app/main/dessert combo and well worth it.

      There is also a cheese board worth looking at.


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        What should we expect to spend for a good night out? Price isn't really an object of concern, but it is nice to know what to perpare my guests to spend.

        1. re: Jake

          It depends a lot. Before working there I ate at Pigalle twice in one year, I rarely go to high end places more than once in that amount of time because there are sooo many places to eat, but I found Pigalle to be a good value.

          At the lower end, figure $12 app + $25 entree + $8 dessert + $20 wine/bevs. That comes to $65 plus tip.

          I went there with an ex and spent 180+tip. If I were to go with a few non-wine/non-in the business friends, I would anticipate $225-300 for 4 people, plus a big tip ; )

          If you do the tasting it can easily run $120 per person, if you drink enough wine. I make a poor example because I almost always eat three courses and spend liberally on wine. If someone skips dessert and has only a glass, they can definately escape for under $50.

          I used to work at Biba, and overall it would say Pigalle is less expensive.

          I am off tomorrow, so I hope you have a good time.