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Sep 28, 2002 03:41 PM

Dong Khanh. . .

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. . . is truly the king of Boston Vietnamese, at least so far as I've found. After grubbing around Cambridge and Allston, I finally made it down to "Chinatown" (which seems more like a Little Saigon to me), and had a chance to partake of the wonderful Pho Tai and Bi Cuon offered at Dong Khanh. Though I know the recommendation has already floated on the board (this is, after all, where I heard about the place), I just wanted to add my own thumb up.

Possibly even up to LA Vietnamese standards, at least on the pho front (the cuon could use some work).

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  1. I disagree about Donh Khanh, my wife and I have always been disappointed there. For us, Pho Hoa on Dorchester St, has a similar menu and is far better.