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Sep 27, 2002 11:36 PM

Hidden jewel inside Super 88 Market - Tang's Kitchen

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There is a restaurant called Tang's Kitchen or something like that inside the new Super 88 Market in Brighton. It is NOT located inside the food court (thank God) but right outside of it. It serves the best wonton noodle soup that I have ever had in years. It is definitely up to the standard in Hong Kong & even better than those in NY & LA.

But every time I went there, the place was empty. Seems like its old & plain decor style is hurting it. Hope that it will not die cos' it hurts to see shitty places like Kabob Factory & Coyote survive while good ones disappear fast like the Japanese cabbage pancake place in the Arsenal Mall in Watertown.

So, please give it a try & tell us what you think.

P.S. The food places inside the food court are so scary. We tried the Thai food place & the pseudo-Japanese ramen place at the corner. Both were unacceptable.


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  1. THanks for the heads up about Tang's kitchen which I just by-passed half an hour ago as I went to pick up my order of Sampan Porridge from Kantin in the food court (very tasty!). By-passed because the menu gave me little hope of good chow since there are both Vietnamese and Chinese items on it and they sound pretty pedestrian. Is anything else worth eating? Will other Chowhounds who've been there please share ?

    1. Bravo - some new blood and some new opinions on the page. I've done take out sushi from Oga because it is nearby. The sushi was fine - I wouldn't call it excellent. The prices were high - you can get equal quality for less at Yama in Wellesley Hills.

      I have tried Bento Box lunch. Pricey but enough food to feed two. Not a bad lunch option. Sorry to hear that you paid a nice chunk of change for a bad meal - no one enjoys that but it can happen frequently in this area.

      1. I'm insulted - you are not completely blown away by bubble tea or over priced mediocre Vietnamese food! It seems like you want to take food up another notch around here. Will give Tang's a try and recommend you give the Food Court a try - it's not entirely beyond redemption.

        1. Hi Folks, I was at Tang's Garden (this is the real name) this afternoon. The boss told me that someone read someone's review on some food forum & gave them a try 2 - 3 days ago. And she suspected that was me cos' we talked about Internet a lot in the past. You guys are FAST. ; )

          Anyway, I was told that this party ordered wonton soup, so I am here again asking for your feedback. What do you think? Am I right or wrong of praising their wonton soup w/ noodles? Please let us know.

          Thank you.