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Sep 27, 2002 09:10 AM

Taste of Boston/Fenway

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Both events are taking place this Sat. The Fenway one is very mellow, just a few local restaurants, some kid stuff, some tables set up. I used to love the Taste of Boston but last year it got postponed to Columbus Day and didn't have nearly as many good vendors (plus I didn't have time to spend there cuz I had to work that day). This year it's moved from City Hall Plaza to the Common and the Alley where all those clubs are. And it now costs $10 which isn't a big deal but not the bargain it once was. I think I read Gloria Gayner is playing there tho. If anyone goes, please report back.

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  1. There is a website for Taste of Boston where they list the restaurants that are participating. The ones from the site are:
    BB Wolfs, Sweet Tooth Baking Company, Bickfords, Boston Beer Works, Boston Pizza Express, Campanale's
    , Capital Grille, Devlins Bar & Bistro, Durgin Park, Elephant & Castle, Fifty-Seven Restaurant, Gourmet India, Isabella, Jacob Wirth, Kelly's Famous Seafood, Maggiano's, Massimino's Cucina Italia, McKinnon's Markets, Naked Fish, Nico's Creative Cuisine, Olé Mexican Grill, Orleans Bar, Restaurant & Lounge, Paris Creperie, Pizzeria Uno, Plaza Garibaldi, Ristorante Fiore, Sabur Restaurant, Sylvan St. Grille, Tantawan, Tonic Restaurant, The Upper Crust, Venetian Moon, Vinny Testa's, Weathervane Seafood

    They also have a schedule of events that lists musical acts, fashion shows and other stuff. They list the following music acts: Deborah Gibson, Laura Brannigan, Amber, Chad Lamarsh Band, and Gloria Gaynor.


    1. The event looked like a huge success. Not only was the Common packed but the crowd overflowed into Downtown Crossing and surrounding areas. Wherever I walked I saw remnants of the tasting! I chose not to partake because the lines were so incredibly long and I was on a photo excursion. I photographed a few situations on the Common and continued to other areas on my itinerary. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the weather was perfect for the occasion!


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        I'm not sure where they were charging the $10, maybe in the Alley. I didn't partake except for a few free samples czu I was off to a bbq then out to dinner. I'm glad I didn't plan on eating there cuz the lines just to buy tickets were 3 times longer than two years ago. Too bad, I used to really enjoy it. But the weather *was* perfect.

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          There was no charge to enter the event..but tickets were $1..places charged between 1-3 tickets. Fortunately I was there early..bought $10 worth of tickets..cup of chowder from Jacob Wirths, bbq pork sandwich from BB Wolfs, swordfish with mango salsa from Naked Fish and beef tenderloin from Cap Grille and Ben and Jerrys scream for dessert..everything was good...but it sure got crowded as the afternoon went on..good music and nice weather.