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Sep 26, 2002 07:55 PM

Pho Que Hu'o'ng Brighton

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Just ate at Pho Que Hu'o'ng on Harvard Ave. in Brighton.

Went simple and had the Lemon Grass Chicken Rice plate. It does not live up to the splendor of Ducky Wok which used to inhabit the space and was my favorite place along with Hu Thieu Nam Vang for Vietnamese.

That said the dish came with "Pork Skin and Meat Pie".

The pork skin was pork with some powdery spice and onions. The Meat Pie was sort of a little chunk of vietnamese quiche for lack of a better description.

Final analysis is that the food was not a total home run. But I might give it a second chance.

The menu is huge, so I would be curious to try other things.

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  1. Been wondering about PQH so your review is timely. Is there some bad karma/lousy feng shui at that location? Restaurants don't seem to survive in that space for very long. Ducky Wok lasted 2-3 yrs but apparently fell prey to the down-spiralling Asian economy of the late 90's (the bulk of their customers came from the international students that inhabit our colleges).
    Ducky Wok used to be a favourite of mine too. We got to know one of their waiters really well and he picked up the tab for one of our gargantuan meals there (the large bottle of XO brandy we gave him for Chinese NY may have had something to do with it!)

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    1. re: ju

      Funny... I know the guy.

      Youngish nice guy. My wife and I both were pleased when he was there.

      I miss at least 5 dishes from their menu.

      1. re: ju

        Was it the cute guy with the round glasses? He used to tell all the other waiters that it was okay, even tho I was a white girl, I really WOULD eat conch with shrimp paste...(g)

        I tried Pho Que Hu'o'ng when it first opened, and then again a month later..I really want to like this place, because it's so much more convenient than Chinatown or Dot, but it just doesn't hit on all cylinders...It's not bad, per se, but it's not great...

        1. re: galleygirl

          Probably the same guy.

          I have also been dabbling with a Vietnamese place in Newtown Corner.

          Lam's at 825 Washington Street.

          Ate a duck dish there that was pretty good, but then went back for lunch and had a really forgettable noodle dish.

          Was gonna give it one more whirl before I decided if it was worthy or not.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            Actually, Lam's is not in Newton Corner; that area is called Newtonville. Just so people end up in the right place ...

            1. re: StriperGuy

              I hope we can end discussion on Lam's. If you live west of Newton it is a great option for Southeast Asian food. It's not exclusively Vietnamese - there is some Lao and Cambodian dishes if you look closely. The prices and the food are very good. Frankly my wife and I pray that it doesn't catch on because the prices are reasonable, food good and service fine and it would be a shame if it went to their head. I'm sure Chowhounds will prefer driving to Dorchester, Brighton and Chinatown... it leaves more room for the regular customers.

              1. re: Chowpuppy

                Isn't the idea of Chowhound to discuss the food all around us? To share the good spots, and save people the trouble of suffering through the bad?

                Call me a hound, I'll drive to Chinatown any day, to get some really excellent chow.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  I agree Striper. I just hope you don't have too many "forgettable" meals. Lam's is a fine restaurant but I don't think it is worthy of all the gushing praise that seems to mark reviews on the Boston Chowhound page. Personally I think that it is still worthy of the quick drive rather than dealing with the continual mess of the Boston area traffic. Apologies for my previous comments. It's good to read a review about something other than fried clams.

                  1. re: Chowpuppy

                    "It's good to read a review about something other than fried clams."

                    You might want to read about Rangoli, Dado tea, Speeds, Pho 200, Portobello, RF O'Sullivans, Miami Cafe, Solea, Prezza, Masa, Peking Duck, Umbra,or Mix Baker...some of the topics in the past week..should satisfy your aversion to fried clam reviews.