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May 29, 2005 07:08 PM

The Dalles, OR Recommendations?

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Any real food in the area? I only remember seeing every fast food imaginable.

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  1. sure there is real food in the Hood River, about 15-20 miles away down Interstate 84. Try David's for pizza, Sixth Street Bistro for upscale pub food, Abruzzo for Italian and Hood River City Market for picnic supplies. But the Dalles? pretty much a culinary wasteland, I think.

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    1. re: juliarls
      curious gorge....

      can anybody tell me about hood river spots such as stonehedge, brian's pourhouse, sushi okalani, or three rivers?
      is it my imagination or is hood river improving its offerings?

      1. re: curious gorge....

        I have eaten at three of the four above-mentioned restaurants in Hood River. I would have to say that Hood River now has some nice choices in better dining. I trust that Sushi Okalani (not open as of this writing) will provide yet another needed dining option for more discriminating tastes in the gorge.

    2. There is, but generally you do a little better in Hood River. Try Baldwin Saloon, Romul's, or Windseeker for nicer places. Though none will really live up to Portland standards. I haven't been to the Portage Grill, the restaurant at the Shilo Inn. Sounds like it might be decent.

      If you want something a bit more casual (though none of these are formal, even relative to Portland), try Cousin's or Mi Pueblito.

      I actually think Cousin's is a darn good diner/breakfast place. Good value, decent quality. It would be a well-regarded place for what it is even in Portland, imo.

      Mi Pueblito is a little taco truck over by the new Home Depot. On Fridays and Saturdays they have a special. The quality of everything has been quite good and it would be a top quality taco truck/taqueria in Portland.

      La Casa Mirador and Ixtapa are okay for Mexican-American (but if there was a Chevy's in town, I'd choose it).

      The Barbecue is not bbq, but rather mediocre to crappy diner/American food. Sugar Bowl is similar, though on occasion I'll get a sandwich or soup/salad bar there.

      I'm scared to hit either the sushi place or the Chinese buffet. My dad thinks the sushi place must be a front for something else because he's never seen anyone there. Sushi shops with fish sitting around....

      There isn't even a national non-fast food chain (well, Denny's) in town, I don't think. But from what I understand, they may get one or two (think Applebee's) now that they have a Home Depot.

      1. Ole's Supper Club. Opens around 4:00. Check Yellow pages for address. Best prime rib meal I have ever eaten. Prime rib, steaks, sea food, etc. Excellent!

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        1. re: Jim

          Ole's is no more, however the owner opened up Bailey's in an old victorian house. He still does the prime rib and the reuben soup Ole's was famous for. Easily the best place to eat in The Dalles

          1. re: Omnivore

            I thought Bailey's went out of business due to all the elderly people in The Dalles not being too happy with the stairs.

            1. re: extramsg

              btw, I'm in The Dalles today and Bailey's did close, but the word is they're going to reopen in one of two spots. Also, the Portage Grill at the Shilo has changed management.

              Last, apparently there's a new place called The Nest that does BBQ on Fridays and Saturdays and a more standard menu the rest of the week that is decent.

              Also, The Highway House out on the far east side of town is open again, but I haven't been there since it changed management and neither has anyone I've talked to. The second-hand word is that it's not up to the former incarnations.

              1. re: extramsg

                Thanks for the update, it has been a while since I have been in the area to eat. the owner Ross is a great guy

                1. re: Omnivore

                  I ate at Baley's once and it was good. My step-mother had a very nice ribeye that was surprisingly cheap for the quality. But from what I understand, his clientele, not surprising for The Dalles, was mostly older folks and they couldn't make the steps. The rumors are either the Victorian again or the Casa El Mirador spot.

        2. Cousins if you are trying to avoid fast food. It's a very good diner, nothing fancy, large portions and reasonable prices. You can easily split the open faced turkey sandwich and still be full. And their cobblers when they have them are worth the calories.

          1. Romul's, by far is the most enjoyable experience I've had in The Dalles. The food was great and Romul is the most gracious host I have ever met. I live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and have never been treated this good. The Baldwin Saloon has a T.G.I.Friday's feel, good food though. Sit in the bar, the pictures a riot.

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              btw, La Provence has opened up a Petite Provence outpost on E 2nd. Good pastries and breads -- very good for The Dalles. And they're doing simple bistro and French breakfast/lunch dishes as well.


              1. re: extramsg

                tried petite provvence per your recomendation. Great lunch, service could be better, food was great. Thanks