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Sep 4, 2002 07:47 AM

Dolphin Seafood

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I hadn't been there in at least 15 years but the coupon in the Cambridge Tab offering a clambake for $13.95 was too good to resist (or twin lobsters for $19.95). I noticed they also offer special meals for 2 on M-F for $24.95 which includes splitting an app. and dessert plus a list of entrees w/ two sides. In any case, the clambake was a lot of food. Good size serving of chowder which was too thick, I didn't want to fill up on it. You got about 6 or so each of mussels and steamers, choice of two sides and a small but meaty lobster. I realize why I don't order lobster very often, too much work for my dinner but it was definiltely worth the trip (they're just outside of Harvard Sq. toward Central on Mass Ave.). Nice service, lots of reasonably priced seafood, not sure what the take is on this place.

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  1. I'm glad that the Dolphin has maintained its quality over the years. I also haven't been there in years but remembered it fondly. Ir was always a nice affordable place for an honest and fresh piece of fish. I'm surprised that it has survived amidst glitzier options. It used to be family run and the children waited tables. I hope they are running the place now.