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Sep 2, 2002 04:58 PM

restaurant near fleet center

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Does anyone know of a restaurant near the fleetcenter? We would like to be able to park our car and walk in and out of the fleetcenter, fairly close. I know the north end is near but was looking for something a little closer. Not interested in Fridays or the Commonwealth brewery.

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  1. Massimino's Cucina is at 207 Endicott St..part of the North End that's very close to the Fleet Ctr..very good, traditional Italian.

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      What a coincidence! Took a cab home the other night and the cab driver (3rd generation Italian-American guy) recommended Massimino's too. :)

    2. Try the Grand Canal on Canal street (Perpendicular to the FLeet). Its billed as an Irish Pub, but its decor is Victorian and the food is half decent if you're in the Fleet and on foot. Typical Shep's Pie, Fish, Burgers, Sanwiches, Pasta, Steak and decent deserts..Good Beers, Nice atmosphere. Not 5 star dining, but in the North Station area, its a good choice if you're not in the mood for Italian or a bar room.

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        I went to a beer dinner at Porter's a while ago and it was quite good. Not sure how ordering from the regular menu is. I think the extra 5-10 min walk into the North End might be worth it tho.