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Sep 1, 2002 06:38 PM

Truc - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The Good - Scallop on bed of soft corn topped with roasted asparagus. Also duck carpaccio with misson figs. Berry Cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream. Wonderful juice is this excellent creation.

The Bad - Trout stuffed with crab. Non-descript and dried out taste. Chocolate Gateau. Dried out with no flavor and a pathetic ice cream. I think coconut.

The Ugly - restroom area that would be ok in a dingy bar, not a nice restaurant. Pacing of meal was very poor with long waits in the beginning, middle and end.
Service - waiter couldn't poor wine without spilling. Just as the Globe article mentioned.

All in all I would head elsewhere.

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  1. Just curious...when did you go go? Labor Day weekend is very funny around Boston..either "A" game or "throw in the towel." I haven't been to Truc in a few months but they have a new chef and it's supposed to be carpaccio..raw duck..that's a new 1 for it more of a duck proscuitto? cured..that they call carpaccio?

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      Kansas Tornado

      Two of us went on Saturday, August 30. That is what the duck was called, but you are right is was rather prosciutto like.

      I have been to this place three times over the years they have been open and am throwing in the towel!