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Aug 30, 2002 11:13 AM

Cilantro's in Salem?

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Has anyone eaten here? I am taking an ex-beau who is unfotunatly stricken with cancer before he recieves chemotherapy.... If there any recommendations for anything else please let me know!
thanks in advance!

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  1. Have been there and was not too impressed w the food. For authentic fantastic Mexican food go to Tu Y Yo on Broadway in Somerville. Many previous postings this past several months.

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      Respectfully, I must disagree with the Tu Y Yo rec. (Caveat--there have been many good things written about Tu Y Yo on this board so maybe I just don't get it. This is certainly possible.) Anyway, I went there on Monday night for a quick bite. I had been before and thought it was okay--not outstanding by any means, but good enough that I was willing to give it another shot. Unfortunately, I was sufficiently underwhelmed on Monday that I won't be going back. Granted, I only got the "Tu Y Yo Sampler", as opposed to one of their entrees. (I tried one last time that was interesting, but nothing jumped out at me this time and I wasn't all that hungry). The Sampler is probably the sort of appetizer that you'd share--two tacos and two quesadillas. The pork on one taco was great, but that's pretty much all you get--a little bit of pork on a little tortilla. A few pieces of diced onions thrown on top. And I mean a few. The other taco was steak, which was also good but just as plain and just as minimal. For the quesadillas (these aren't what you're imagining--if you're looking for the round flat thing, you want a gringa) I ordered Mexican sausage and chicken. They were out of chicken (!). So I subsituted mushroom and spinach. It was, in a word, gross. The cheese and spinach sort of oozed out in a highly liquid form when I broke the quesadilla. And the breading was so heavy and thick! The sausage version was marginally better, with the same heavy corn breading case.

      I was dining with a vegetarian, and we totally spaced and forgot to look over the menu before sitting down. (Our fault entirely.) There was only one veg entree on the menu, and it didn't appeal to her. We tried subbing in some veggie fillings into say, some quesadillas or gringas or sopes. But these are apps and priced pretty cheaply. Tu Y Yo has a rule that at dinner you have to spend at least $8.95 per person, which she wasn't going to make with just one app. The aforementioned Tu Y Yo Sampler is $8.95 but they wouldn't make it veg. (I guess a veggie taco just wouldn't work.) She ended up having to order the "Tu Y Yo Special" entree that had gringa, sopes, and quesadilla, plus rice and beans. Way more food than she wanted. She was able to get veggie versions of all three things and exceed the price threshold, but the food was just not that good.

      Sorry for such a negative post. Like I said though, plenty of others have loved it, so if you really want to get some authentic Mexican food, maybe it's still worth a shot. Maybe they excel at the entrees.

    2. good move to go for spicy food before the chemo as one's mouth can get rather tender, sore and sensitive after.

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        thank you.......... I feel so bad for him..... he is only 40