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Aug 29, 2002 02:48 PM

Atasca (kendall sq)?

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Heading into Kendall to see a movie tonight -- wondering if people had thoughts on Atasca -- yeas (and recommended items if so) or nays.


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  1. One of my favorite restaurants in the area.

    1. The octopus salad is wonderful. The perfect texture. And such vibrant flavors.

    2. The "pate" appetizer is out of this world. One of those dishes where the synnergistic effects work magic. Something about the combination of the smoky flavor of the pate, fresh milky cheese, and the sturdy fresh bread. Addictive.

    3. The pasteies de nata are as good (really!) as the ones I had in Portugal. Little custard tarts that make the perect ending to a meal.

    bom gia!

    1. Atasca is great food! My favorite dish is the Portuguese Fish Stew, with white fish, potatoes, tomato broth, garlic, etc. My husband's favorite is Cataplana which is a copper dish with shellfish, linguisa, etc. in a saffron broth and served with rice on the side. The bread is wonderful.

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        agreed on the cataplana; it's the only thing i've had there but it was wonderful. the broth is perfect soaked up with that good bread.

      2. The sliced home cured ham, with Portuguese white cheese and tomatoes; the sardines; and the casserole of shrimp, goat cheese and fresh tomatoes.

        Enjoy yourself!

        1. If you are into wine there is a wine called Pegos Claros on the list that is great.

          1. I just posted a review on O'Cantinho, which is one of three sisters that make up the Atasca restaurant family.

            O'Cantinho is cheaper and smaller than the two Atascas.