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Aug 28, 2002 01:02 PM

Michael's Deli?

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Hey, folks. Has anybody yet been to Michael's deli in coolidge corner, right near Khao Sarn, in the space formerly occupied by TeaLuxe? and if so, can you testify to the quality of the sandwiches, meats, smoked fish, or cream cheese? or offer any observations? Ooh, and where are they getting their bagels?

Thank you!! Have a nice day.

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  1. If you're looking for yet another source of mediocre corned beef or pastrami, you'll find it at Michael's. I'm afraid none of us will live long enough to have a truly good Jewish delicatessen in Boston. Corned beef and pastrami, being brisket, are inherently tough, stringy cuts of meat and must be steamed for at least three hours in order to transform the meat into the joy that it can be. Michael's technique is totally different . He has a gadget into which he plops a handful of cold meat from the refrigerator case and gives it a short burst of steam. The result is a pale imitation of what corned beef and pasrami can be. The sandwich I had was served on very ordinary commercial rye pulled out of a cellophane bag. Contrast this experience to that described by Nora Ephron in her piece in the 8/19&26 food issue of the New Yorker, " A Sandwich", in which she describes a nirvana-like pastrami experience at Langer's Deli in LA . Went there last January and couldn't believe how good it was. Forget Michael's and if the Left Coast is too far to go, head 200 miles south to the Second Ave. Deli, Katz's or the Carnegie.

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      Not a Jewish deli..but Sam Lagrasso's deli on Province St in downtown has the best pastrami and corned beef I've found in M-F..10-3

    2. Although I haven't been there for a samdwich yet, I did stop by when they first opened. Michael gave me a handful of corned beef to taste and I thought that it was pretty good. Since it is in my neighborhood, I'll have to give it a real try.

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        Oh, I didn't think you WENT to the other side of Beacon Street! (g)...BTW, don't they advertise meat and cheese platters? How Yiddish!!