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Aug 27, 2002 11:30 AM

Smoked Fish: Where to buy

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I am looking for a place to purchase smoked fish for the upcoming Jewish holidays. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like the house brand at Martys in Newton . Excellent quality and remarkably inexpensive

    1. Fishmonger on Huron (next to Formaggios) in Cambridge has gravlax and (I think) other smoked fish. Best to call ahead to check.

      1. Barry's Deli in Newton has the full assortment of smoked fish...closest thing Boston has to a NY style appetizer store.

        1. Berezka Russian Food Store

          Comm. Ave outbound on the right side just as you get to Harvard and Comm.

          Several varieties of smoked salmon. Whitefish. Might even have some sturgeon and Sable is your catch 'em.

          There is also a similar store on Beacon near Washington.

          Both have the best smoked fish in Boston.

          1. You can get Zabars smoked fish via Fedex at reasonable prices.

            Why accept sub-par when you can get the best?

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              Thanks all for the feedback...
              I have always shipped in from NY, actually Sables, not Zabars (the owner used to run the fish counter at Zabars), I was hoping someone brought it into boston. Do you know anything about the quality of Zathmary's fish?

              1. re: LBE

                Zathmary's smoked fish is, in a word, drek and is surely no way to start the new year. They may get it from New York but sell so little that even if it were good to start, by the time you get yours it's invariably dried out and not worth eating. Give Mark Federman a call at Russ&Daughters in NYC and you'll get fish which is truly to live for. I've had many varieties of smoked fish over-nighted from Russ&Daughters over the last twenty years and have never been disappointed. The kipppered salmon, sturgeon, whitefish salad, and creamed herring , not to mention the lox (salted as well as non-salted) are the best I,ve ever had. That's the way to start the new year and make to make it a true shannah tovah.