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Aug 23, 2002 06:13 PM

Bad news at seasons

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Low points:
Anemic sauce on Mushroom app. and cornish hen.
Steak returned cooked past medium to overwell came back Rare. To much fat also.
Creme Brulee was great. Waiter Andre and staff were attentive and pleasant. Let's hope this was an off day.
I'll go back for dinner. I've always been pleased.

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  1. If this is the Millenium Hotel "Seasons" restaurant, then your review is indeed a surprise.

    I had heard that this is one of the top five restaurants in Boston, though it's a bit beyond my price range.

    Five Restaurants I'd like to aspire to when I get rich:

    Maison Robert

    I don't care if the food's any good; I just want to raise my nose just a little tiny bit and say, "And of course, we dined comfortably at..."


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      I would add Clio and 9 Park St to your list. I think The Federalist is really overpriced..even if you can afford it. Most of these places offer lunch at far lower prices. One of my favorite lunches is on the outside patio at Maison Robert on a nice day...beautiful spot..most items priced $10-$18.