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Aug 23, 2002 02:53 PM

Macondo - Mmmm Fritters

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Stopped in at Macondo in Union Square again last night. The fact that you can get a mojito or caipirhina (sp?) for 6 bucks still thrills me. We ordered the conch and ham fritters and a mixed salad with goat cheese along with our cocktails.

The fritters could use a bit more (and more tender) conch, but boy are they tasty nonetheless. I love the dark brown color and the super crispy texture on the outside, fluffy and airy inside. They come with an addictive spicy dipping sauce that dissapeared - fast. I'll be back for them. Dessert was okay: a spongey, mousse-like chocolate "cake" sandwiched between two slabs of chocolate meringue (sp?) presented on a plate of cherry sauce. I must confess that the wierd texture of it was the best part!

It looks like there's some new entrees and interesting salads on the menu now, too. Worth a trip back soon. The place was relatively empty, as earlier postings have mentioned, which is too bad.

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