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Aug 22, 2002 05:03 PM

Soup/Juicy Dumplings?

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Does anyone know of a place to get great soup dumplings (the kind that are filled with soup and burst with juiciness when you bite into them?) I'm visiting Boston next week, and would love to sample some. Also, any particularly great Chinese restaurants? I scanned the messages for the last year, but nothing jumped out at me. I just moved back to the East Coast and used to be a devout fan of Mary Chung's Suan La Chow Show (a decade ago, last time I was here). Is there another place I should try?


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    1. Jujubee mentions Taiwan Cafe for these dumplings. Link to that post attached below.


      1. Mary Chung's is still in Central Square and the Suan La Chow Show is still wonderful.

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          ...not to mention the small steamer buns, eight little purses of juicy pork, drizzled with vinegar and slivered ginger. Yum!