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Aug 22, 2002 10:30 AM

When you find yourself in Haverhill...

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Where on earth do you eat lunch? Tried posting this on the NE board but there were no takers...since others are asking about Norton I thought it might be safe to try this "outside of 128" question here. Have to meet a friend's train in Haverhill on Saturday a.m.--any place for lunch/brunch come to mind?

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  1. Pedro Diegos is very good mexican.
    typical americanized menu selections. but the quality of the cheeses is exceptional. I love their macho nachos. simply corn chips, great cheese blend and finely chopped jalepenos.
    cheese enchillada is also great. very attractive bar, outside dining also. good margaritas and selections of mexican beer. this is right on Washington St maybe 2 blocks from train.
    Englands Creamery is also a good bet for ice cream, all ice creams are creamy you pick swirls-in and mix-ins and pay by weight.
    Peddlers Daughter is Irish Pub that has very decent for pub food, an outstanding beer selection and cozy comfy atmoshere.

    1. Not sure they actually do lunch or brunch but I've enjoyed the food on more than one occasion at:

      Joseph's Trattoria Bakery & Cafe, 145 Oxford Ave., 978-374-8288

      I can't comment on proximity to the train...