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Aug 21, 2002 11:26 PM

An ecelectic south american place in the South End -- anyone been there?

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I walked by this Brazilian/Peruvian/Spanish place on W Dedham St somewhere between Washington and Tremont. Unfortunately, I was more interested in looking at the menu than the name of the place and forgot about taking down the name. It looked somewhat civilized but quiet, with 2 tables occupied around 9:30ish.

The menu seemed a little spread out (even offering a few Mexican items) and they didn't list feijoada, a pretty central Brazilian item.

It looks like a risky but curious proposition to me, and just to leave no stone unturned, has anyone tried this place?

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  1. Is it in a sort of concrete mini-mall?

    Some Brazilian places seem to make feijoada only on weekends because of its labor intensivenss. Maybe that's the case there.

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    1. re: Italophile

      It's a single restaurant in the middle of a block. I'll look for the name the next time I'm in that area.

      1. re: Limster

        I think you're talking about Botucatu -- it *is* in the middle of that mini-mall, next to the Post Office. I had takeout/catering from there a few years ago, and it was quite good. I don't remember if we ordered anything very adventurous, but the fried plantains, fried bananas, (as well as non-fried things!) were all very tasty. Nice staff too, as I recall. Definitely worth checking out. Let us know if/when you do.

        1. re: MichaelB

          Yes -- that sounds right -- thank you for your info. Do you by any chance know where the folks that run it are from? Spanish or Portugese speakers?

          Will post if/when I eat there.

          1. re: Limster

            I *think* that they're Brazilian. But memory may be playing tricks on me, so I could be wrong. Either way, enjoy!

    2. went by there today...Botucato..57 W Dedham St..247 lists it as Peruvian, Brazilian, and Latin-American..feijoada served on weekends.

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        Here's the Phoenix review from 1999...sounds promising...gotta love the Phoenix, they sure do get around.