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Aug 21, 2002 05:16 PM

Hour or so south of boston?

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I'll be an avid Boston chowhound in a matter of days, but am pretty clueless at the moment. I'm moving into law school dorms with a friend next week, and on the drive up we're going to stop an hour or two outside Boston (to the south, I suppose). Any restaurant suggestions? Something cheap ($20 a head) and ethnic or seafoody might be neat.

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  1. Do you know what road you'll be coming in on or in what area (town names) you might be stopping?

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    1. re: Maura

      Looks like I-84 to I-90, stopping anywhere from Hartford to Worcester.

      1. re: Alex S

        That's actually west. Right on Rt. 9 outside Framingham (I think) is Bob's. It's on the westbound side so you need to swing back around but they have really good fried clams and fish in general. Also a detour a little south of Worcester in Oxford is Carl's Diner, one of the best diners I've ever been to. Order half as much as you think you need, gigantic portions.

        1. re: Joanie

          If you stop in Hartford - head downtown and then down Albany Ave. for great West Indian food. Just so you are aware - some people would call it the 'hood, but I've never encountered any problems. There is a Jamaican bakery (it's called Scott's - on the right hand side with a white and green awning) that has THE BEST patties (beef, chicken, vegetable,) cocoa bread, sweets, and hard dough bread (so good for grilled cheese sandwiches!) all made on premises. They're very nice people, too.

          Across the street is a take-out place (can't remember the name, but there should be a line) that serves wonderful stewed fish (kingfish or snapper probably) with all the fixin's, plus all the other typical dishes.