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Aug 19, 2002 11:12 PM

Seven restaurants.Help me pick one

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Seasons @ Millenium Bostonian
Zephyr on the Charles
Lala Rokh
Brasserie Jo

I have to pick one for lunch. If you can even just thin the list by telling me one is a dud I'd be greatfull.

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  1. Blu! Blu! Blu! Excellent food.

    I have bene to all of them but Spire and Zephyr.

    But Blu is great.


    1. Spire is not particularly impressive foodwise (I wouldn't go back for another visit), but has comfortable seating (lumbar-padded banquettes) and a chichi bar area...Blu has a nice (although tiny) 4-sashimi appetizer (called Out of the Blu or something like that) and good window-side views...

      1. If someone's treating you and they gave you Seasons as a choice, I'd go with that. Brasserie Jo is fun but the food's not the most exciting. I think Mantra's fun. Blu was good but I didn't swoon. Just had dinner at Spire and as mentioned, the dining room is comfy and the bar is nice but the food wasn't worth the $$. Haven't been to the other two.

        1. one down.

          rest are all fine

          1. my vote also goes to blu.

            mantra's respectable, but falls slightly short of the amazing meal i had at blu. lala rokh was a complete disappointment.

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            1. re: winnie

              Ditto your experience with Lala Rokh. Granted I only went once but I was completely underwhelmed particularly given the constant praise it receives. I feel the same way about "The Elephant Walk" (which I HAVE gone to more than once but have always left disappointed).

              YMMV, of course!