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Aug 19, 2002 11:12 PM

Seven restaurants.Help me pick one

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Seasons @ Millenium Bostonian
Zephyr on the Charles
Lala Rokh
Brasserie Jo

I have to pick one for lunch. If you can even just thin the list by telling me one is a dud I'd be greatfull.

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  1. Blu! Blu! Blu! Excellent food.

    I have bene to all of them but Spire and Zephyr.

    But Blu is great.

    Link: http://www.blurestaurant.com/

    1. Spire is not particularly impressive foodwise (I wouldn't go back for another visit), but has comfortable seating (lumbar-padded banquettes) and a chichi bar area...Blu has a nice (although tiny) 4-sashimi appetizer (called Out of the Blu or something like that) and good window-side views...

      1. If someone's treating you and they gave you Seasons as a choice, I'd go with that. Brasserie Jo is fun but the food's not the most exciting. I think Mantra's fun. Blu was good but I didn't swoon. Just had dinner at Spire and as mentioned, the dining room is comfy and the bar is nice but the food wasn't worth the $$. Haven't been to the other two.

        1. one down.

          rest are all fine

          1. my vote also goes to blu.

            mantra's respectable, but falls slightly short of the amazing meal i had at blu. lala rokh was a complete disappointment.

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              Ditto your experience with Lala Rokh. Granted I only went once but I was completely underwhelmed particularly given the constant praise it receives. I feel the same way about "The Elephant Walk" (which I HAVE gone to more than once but have always left disappointed).

              YMMV, of course!