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Aug 19, 2002 09:38 PM

The Fireplace in Brookline? Any opinions?

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Going there Wed night with parents and friends of the 'rents. Welcome your $.02. Thx, Annie

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  1. They tend to overcook their fish...

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      I was just there for my 1st time Sat. nite and it was quite good. My smoked bluefish was cooked fine and came with a tasty corn pudding and salsa type side. Their rolls are delicious. My friend got pork chops with fingerling potatos and grilled peaches. He left one peach to the side and I asked why he wasn't eating it and realized why as soon as I bit into that sour vinegary thing. Made a face like a little kid. But other than that, he liked it. Sat outside, service was okay. The dining room is really pretty. It was a little more expensive than I thought it'd be (apps. esp.) but we liked it.

    2. Went there a week ago. They have a nice wine list, although it's quite pricey. For an appetizer, I had the crab/cod cake which was very nicely done. For the entree, I had the rib eye steak, which was trimmed poorly and cooked very unevenly. They drizzle balsamic vinegar on EVERYTHING except the dessert.

      My dessert, a peach and blueberry cobbler was fair.

      All told, it's okay, but not worth the price.